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The X-PACE platform offers you the best, with us you pay when and only for what you need, we give you the possibility to have the functions of several software without having to buy and maintain them annually. Our system is updated to the current year with the most modern, rare and expensive vehicles, including over 245 brands including cars, scooters, motorcycles, quads, tractors, work vehicles, jet skis, sledges, trucks and cars. articulate. All the functions you will find on X-PACE:


The GPF and DPF service allows you to electronically remove the "Diesel Particulate Filter" in diesel engines and the "Gasoline Particulate Filter" in petrol engines with direct injection. The service is very useful when a demolition control unit is adapted to a slightly different car, it often happens that the car where the control unit is to be mounted does not have a particulate filter. However, it is useful to deactivate the function, because the control unit could not correctly manage the engine, sending the car into recovery. In some cases someone uses this feature to not repair the DPF or GPF this results in the complete removal of the diesel particulate filter. In European regulations, the complete removal of the particulate filter is illegal, this leads to fines, the obligation to restore and withdrawal of the booklet. In some non-European countries, removing the particle filter is not illegal. Therefore X-PACE is not responsible for the actions of its customers, and its customers are invited to use it correctly, even in countries where it would not be illegal in respect of the environment.

Vmax OFF

All car ECUs are programmed not to exceed a MAX speed, with this function it is possible to remove the block so that the car reaches a higher speed. This function can be used as an accessory to a possible Stage 2 and Stage 3 category mapping. The service can be useful for not paying for the release from the dealership and having a discount on savings.


The DTC OFF service allows you to permanently remove the list of errors coming from the engine control unit, i.e. all the P0xxx category errors. This function is used when a demolition used control unit is adapted to a machine that is not fully compatible, this allows you not only to no longer see errors in the diagnosis but also to turn off the lights on and the messages on the odometer. Pay attention, using this function it will no longer be possible to diagnose future problems recorded by the ECU, it will be necessary to diagnose other related ECUs to see any errors or rely on the manual and control knowledge of the car.

Start & Stop OFF

The Start & Stop OFF allows you to remove the automatic shutdown function of the vehicle when it stops. The Start & Stop OFF, when a vehicle stops for various reasons including a stop, a traffic light or a queue, the vehicle goes into stand-by or the vehicle remains on and the engine off, when the driver presses the accelerator again the vehicle automatically restarts. Unfortunately, this function is the cause of many failures and damages, furthermore customers who want greater recovery from standstill, need to deactivate the Start & Stop OFF because the phase of switching off and restarting the car causes a delay in the acceleration times. The function is also useful when adapting a scrap ECU from one car to another that does not have the Start & Stop OFF.

Hard Rev CUT

The service allows you to remove the electronic rev limiter on petrol cars from the control unit. Using this function the engine will be enabled to exceed the number of RPMx1000 limited by the manufacturer, this implies modifications to the exhaust pipe which must be free from the catalyst or the particulate filter, furthermore if used in an exaggerated way it can lead to serious damage. This type of modification is highly discouraged, it is usually used to obtain effects such as "Flame from the exhaust pipe" "Smoke". The car modified with this application cannot circulate in countries where regulations on the matter are in force, use only for show-type use.


Same service as the Hard rev CUT applied to diesel engines.

Pop & Bang or Burbles

This function allows you to obtain "crackling bubbles" and a more controlled flame than the Hard rev Cut and Popcorn. The detonation is obtained when the accelerator pedal is released, practically delaying the start (torque is reduced) which allows the car to slow down normally with engine braking, then the air and fuel ratios are balanced. The effect of the noise increases if the exhaust pipe is hotter, or it is necessary to request through the chat with the engineer, after having requested and paid for the service, to give more fuel and to reduce the torque even more. This type of modification does not increase any performance, but it does increase fuel consumption, and it may not pass the MOT. To get the Pop & Bang it is necessary to remove the catalytic converter or replace it with one of the Sport type.

Pop & Bang Sports Button

This function allows you to obtain the "Popping bubbles" only when the driver switches to sport mode, through the appropriate button or control panel provided by the manufacturer. This feature is highly recommended for those who can, as it can drive the car in two modes.

Exhaust Flaps

Cars with sport mode usually have the exhaust valves partially open to obtain a more controlled noise. With this function, the valves are opened 100% when the driver switches to Sport mode.

DSG Farts

This feature allows you to get "Popping Bubbles" when the driver changes gear.

Decat (CAT OFF)

This function allows you to switch off the catalytic converter warning light from the instrument panel. This function is useful when retrofitting a used ECU that does not support handling with the catalytic converter.


This function allows you to electronically eliminate the function of the EGR valve. This function is useful when adapting a used ECU on a car or when making a performance improvement in terms of speed. Technically, with this modification, the engine works better because the intake ducts do not get clogged and this allows for a reduction in consumption caused by engine stress, which allows you to acquire more starting point and greater power. This type of modification, even if on the one hand it reduces consumption and theoretically more beneficial for the environment and consumption on the other hand, in European countries removing the EGR function if it is present is illegal because the engine emits more nitrogen oxides in the environment, therefore in practice the balance of pollution is heavier with the elimination of the EGR. We recommend that you pay attention to this function and use it only in accordance with the regulations in force in your country.

Power ON Driving Mode (Sport button)

This function is used, when the driver wants to boost the map only in Sport mode. In sports cars where there is a button or selector that allows you to change the travel mode of the car (ECO - NORMAL - SPORT) the driver as well as mapping the entire control unit in all three modes, with this function the control unit is only mapped when activating the Sport mode and returning to the origins in the others.

Sport Displays

Sport Display mode applies to Stage 1s


This function allows you to electronically disable the ADBlue function. We recommend using this function only to adapt a used ECU from a car with ADBlue to one that does not.

E85 Flex-Fuel

This function allows you to enable the petrol engine control unit to manage E85. Ethanol or E85 is a green fuel it is also cheaper than petrol, this contains at least 85% ethanol and 15% petrol, ethanol being chemically rich in oxygen makes the car more performing and the combustion temperatures are lower low, the water vapor produced in the exhaust pipe absorbs carbon and nitrogen, drastically reducing air pollution. Ethanol can be found in equipped dispensers at an average price of €0.70 to €1.00 lt, competition (refined) ethanol known as NOx with this modification here, can also be used it is estimated that the car acquires an extra about 30% of the effective power, it is found in drums of 25 liters or more at much higher costs. See HERE.

Cylinder On Demand OFF

Modern cars equipped with Cylinder On Demand practically at an average speed, at least 2 cylinders are automatically deactivated, this implies the car to maintain an average speed. The cylinders will start working once the car stops, the Start & Stop stops the flow of fuel to all cylinders and reinjects it to all cylinders by reactivating them. This function therefore allows you to deactivate this function, to leave all cylinders active and reach high speeds.

Launch Control

Launch Control is a function that allows the control unit to independently manage, through the automatic adjustment of the parameters, the correct launch or correct start at high speed. Let's take the MotoGP bikes as an example, at the starting line the riders must start as quickly as possible from a standstill, the rider must manage the accelerator and the clutch correctly to avoid the bike wheeling up (even if this is contained by the dry clutch used in the MotoGP and the dynamic position assumed by the riders). Launch Control allows the bike to start as quickly as possible from a standstill by simply accelerating, the control unit will automatically manage everything. The function is also applied to cars that want a fast and perfect start managed automatically.

Cold Start OFF

This function disables the cold start management function. This function interrupts the operation of the slave/auxiliary air pump during starting because it causes an annoying noise until the engine reaches the necessary temperature. This function optimizes noise pollution, the auxiliary pump is reactivated while driving and continues to operate if necessary after the vehicle has been switched off. The ECU uses the auxiliary pump to pass the coolant, to avoid overheating of the turbocharger tested by itself, therefore the pump is only deactivated at start up to avoid excessive noise but remains in operation to safeguard the turbocharger and the engine during and after the march.

Swirl Flaps OFF

This function disables the function of the Swirl or Flaps butterfly valves (also called swirl valves) mounted on many vehicles in the intake manifold to manage the air-fuel mixture according to the engine revolutions, unfortunately however they tend to become encrusted with a carbonic substance caused by the exhaust gas being reintroduced into the EGR valve. These valves encrusting, at a certain point due to the excess residues that shatter and deposit themselves inside the intake manifold, begin to work badly, this implies complications that can also lead to breakage of the valves and other parts in the most serious cases . Some argue that by deactivating the EGR valve the problem of reintroducing the GAS into the duct does not arise, however, to prevent any damage, we recommend electronic deactivation of the Swirl/Flaps valves.

Vmax 30

This function allows the car not to exceed 30Km per hour. This function is very useful for dealership cars (new and used) from Test-Drives, rentals, driving school cars, cars for the elderly, cars of those who have problems maintaining a low speed, me many other applications.

HotStart FIX

In some diesel VAG cars, over time it happens to have problems with starting. The driver has to try to start the engine several times for the vehicle to start, this causes deterioration over a long time and also the battery is discharged. This function allows you to permanently solve this problem, the car will start on the first try.

Octane adaptation

This feature allows the engine to handle higher octane fuel. Older engines cannot handle higher octane fuel, or rather they can use it but with catastrophic consequences such as cylinder puncture. Thanks to this improvement, by managing the parameters of the control unit, the combustion phase is modified because a fuel with higher octanes and more detonating and consequently during the pressure phase if not managed could ignite without the use of the spark plug, creating damage to the piston and cylinder head. By correctly managing the ignition advance we can allow older cars to use better, more powerful fuels and reduce consumption.